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About Us

Pathogenes is a small research laboratory with large ideas, located in Fairfield, Florida.  We test samples, analyze data, and invent tools to diagnose and treat horses with EPM.  You can read about our work, find it in the Learn More section or call us at 352-591-3221 and speak to any member of our team.


  • Siobhan P. Ellison, DVM PhD
  • Julie Osborne
  • Laura Benedetti DVM
  • Sharon Swallis, Pharmacist
  • Debbie Stuart
  • Chris Gauisunas
  • Bill Killeen
  • Valerie Frederick
  • Lila (the dog)

If you call during the week, 9 AM to 4 PM, we will gladly answer your questions and send you copies of our published, peer reviewed papers. Dr. Ellison is available for consulting anytime.  Call with your accession (case) number to facilitate information. She's more than happy to discuss cutting edge research.

Julie is in daily and Saturday's, 9 AM to 2 PM.  She can answer questions and get those results out to you quickly.

Dr. Laura Benedetti is our Clinical Trial specialist.  She serves as the liaison for veterinarians and she will help enter horses into the appropriate clinical study.

Sharon Sawallis is our resident pharmacist. She's a globe trotting, feisty, octogenarian.  In 2015 she rode the Siberian Express and in 2016 she spent two weeks on an ice-breaker in the Arctic. Her interests are vast, photographs terrific, and pharmaceutical knowledge grandiose.

Debbie, Chris, and Bill keep things in order.  You may occasionally speak to them. They are trained to take your phone number and give you some information. Valerie is our QA go to person and maintains the website.


Lila, the lab dog, accepts cookies from our FedEx driver (delivery at 12 PM), UPS delivery man (delivery at 6 PM), and USPS mail woman (delivery at 2 PM).  She'd prefer you use these delivery systems for your samples, they all insist on giving her a cookie!  Bill picks up the PO deliveries at 9 AM, these samples are run when they come in, giving you same day service.