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Google forms

Google is helping us with our work on equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) and polyneuritis equi (PNE), two important neurodegenerative diseases that affect horses. The Google questionnaire will help you, and us, with our ongoing work in this important field.

Does your horse have a neurodegenerative disease? These two forms are useful to tell us what is going on with the horse.

The  “Neurology Case Analysis for the Horse Owner” and “Neurology Case Analysis for the Veterinarian”

If you have tested a horse by sending us a sample, we would like you to update our records.  To update the file please use this link to the form: Our records go back to 2001!  Your experiences are important to us, by updating our records you help us direct our attention to new research possibilities. Good communication led us to new diagnostics and novel treatment of PNE!

Any horse that was treated for EPM can give us valuable information.  If a sample was submitted to us and the horse was treated, please use this form to update us:  Remember, to have a horse in our records we must have a consult request from the veterinarian. The consult request was by the veterinarian.

Another form that is useful evaluates horses with a history of extended use of drugs.  This can be an important part of field safety evaluations.  To update us, please use this link:

We have several ongoing studies that are useful for evaluating and licensing new therapies for horses.  To look at the inclusion criteria for a horse these links will take you to the proper form: If you treated with any product for EPM and the horse didn’t resolve the signs or has relapsed, use this link: and if your veterinarian suspects polyneuritis equi, use this study link

We hope you find these forms useful.